BSRS Updates

Release Notes through April 26, 2022 v.1.2.7

New Email to risk Profile Trainer information in program selection Fixed OTP issue suppressed RQM for registrar account Voucher number only edited after 5 days OTP sending Filters for reports
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Release Notes through April 25, 2022 v.1.2.3

New Add Filters on Reports Fixed Search filter Filters Listing in Change Request Image recognition and file encrypt service Training Schedule listing Utilization report Risk profile
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Release Notes through April 24, 2022 v.1.1.11

New Add tooltip and change disapprove icon, remove duplicate document on sidebar Send Email to Registrar / RO/ PO and Trainers when account is created Version Number to frontend Fixed MDTAC
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Release Notes through April 23, 2022 v.0.1.3

New Registration - registration document view Fixed Risk with Image Found but no listed Match Zoom in and zoom out on document dashboard Pending profile
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Release Notes through March 31, 2022 v.0.1.1

New Merged in TESDA-399-Educational-Attainment-Change-Request Add filter for registered scholars NTR Programs Sync Job and Migration Additional module creating offering/program from T2MIS RQM
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Release Notes through March 11, 2022 v.0.1.1

New Added Email to risk Profile Added education attainment in change request New Module Terminal Report Fix Update approve and drop enrollment, creation of admin user and school admin user and
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Release Notes through April 21, 2022 v.0.1.1

New Pending List Profiles Regular RQM Sync instead of uploading Courses User account to the report Ask remarks for ending training program Cookie policy Image file cleanup
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Release Notes through April 16, 2022 v.0.1.1

New Permission for Change Request assigned to role Update PO admin can approve dropping of student Cookie Filter for Risk Management, Qualification Display Code, Level, NTTC detailsFix Fixed
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Release Notes through April 8, 2022 v.0.1.1

New: Add permission for updating voucher Reduce loading time for risk management Add utility voucher update on Manage Programs Training Schedule listing of scholars Add filter on Risk
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