Using BSRS

Approval System

What is an approval process? An approval process is a type of business process that includes steps to formally approve work. The work can include submission of reports, documents, enrollment,
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Scholarship and vouchers

Programs aim to address equity and access by providing direct financial assistance to deserving TVET enrollees across all regions in the country. The scholarship programs currently being
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Biometrics and Attendance

BSRS is introducing facial recognition biometric technology into the scholarship registration and attendance system. The aim of the system is to design and implement a web-based attendance system for
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TESDA Programs and Classes

There are multiple available courses that is available for the students/learners. Most technical-vocational courses offered by TESDA require a high school diploma. Other entry requirements of the
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BSRS Registration process

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN EXISTING ACCOUNT: STEP 1: On your browser, type on the address bar. STEP 2: Click the Create an account link to register. STEP 3: Fill out
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