How to Approve and Disapprove an Enrollment?

STEP 1. Visit TESDA website or open and login using your School Admin account.

STEP 2. In the dashboard, look for the "Enrolled Scholars" tab in the left navigation panel. This will show you the list of scholar enrollment requests.

STEP 3. Select a profile by clicking the "edit" icon under action column. Once open, you will be redirected to a scholar's profile and lists a program enrollment request.

STEP 4. View enrollment details by clicking the "eye" icon.

STEP 5. Approve or disapprove an enrollment request by selecting any of the two buttons available.

STEP 6. A modal will appear to ask for voucher confirmation. Input the voucher code.

STEP 7. Select OK and wait for confirmation.

NOTE: Once confirmed, program status should be labeled as "Enrolled."

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